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Previously on StarSharks

In August, the team hosted a Homeland Map Event: Treasure Hunt as a special give-back activity to make up for the community's frustration with the postponement of StarSharks: HomeLand Beta. One of the prizes of this event is the HomeLand Beta's invitation code.

Now that we're in November which also happens to be StarSharks' birthday month, we've hidden a hint in the first of our anniversary events: Dig in Homeland - "PUBLIC BETA NOV 30."

We are hereby happy to announce that the StarSharks: HomeLand Beta has arrived as promised.

About HomeLand Beta's invitation code
Ways to obtain via:
  1. HomeLand Map Event: Treasure Hunt (now closed) reward
  2. Purchase from StarSharks' Marketplace
What it does:
  1. Gives you the eligibility to participate in HomeLand Beta
  2. Each code gives you up to two invitation quotas
  • The StarSharks: HomeLand invitation code will be closed for trading on December 2 at 12 UTC.
  • The community must use this code before December 3 at 12 UTC or else it will expire. After the expiry date, you will not be able to gain any invitation quota.
Activity Description

Only StarSharks: HomeLand invitation code holders and StarSharks Affiliates are given access to this round of Public Beta. Invitation code holders need to be sure they make use of the code to be considered valid candidates for the StarSharks: Homeland Beta participation. Two invitation quotas will be granted to anyone who meets any of the aforementioned requirements.

StarSharks: HomeLand invitation code holder

Those who meet this criteria will be eligible to join in StarSharks: HomeLand Beta after their invitation code is used, and each of the invitation code holders can invite two people max. Invitees are not eligible to invite others.

StarSharks Affiliates

StarSharks Affiliates will be automatically identified as valid candidates for StarSharks: Homeland Beta and each Affiliate can invite two people max. Invitees are not eligible to invite others.

Please be aware that following the termination of the beta, all data from this round of Public Beta will be deleted.